Fresh Software for Fresh Produce

ProduceLINC is a processing, procurement, marketing and distribution system for fresh produce,
powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Something for Everyone
If you participate in the fresh produce supply chain at all,
chances are that ProduceLinc can be of value to you
Are you a fresh produce producer who markets and distributes your own products?

Use ProduceLINC to track your fresh produce from your own packhouses or outsourced packhouses all the way through the supply chain to your end customer with full revenue and cost reporting.

Marketing Agents
Are you a marketing agent who acts on behalf of producers on the basis of consignment trades?

Use ProduceLINC to track fresh produce from various producers and packhouses throughout the entire supply chain, register trades with receivers and calculate all actual and standard costs, including commission. Report back to your producers on all required account sale information.

Are you a fresh produce trading company who purchases and markets products under your own brands?

Use ProduceLINC to purchase and track fresh produce from a variety of producers, track all revenue and costs of fresh produce distributed locally or internationally with fully compliant freight documentation.

Service Providers
Are you a fresh produce logistics service provider who offers outsourced marketing and logistics services?

Use ProduceLINC to import data from any packhouse, coldstore or other fresh produce handling entity, define standard charges, automate freight documentation and process all costs, revenue and services billing to your principles.

Please note: above prices are based on examples of 10 user packages.

To get an indicative quote for Licenses, including Business Central licenses,
implementation fees and ongoing support fees, please use the Price Builder on Linc's website.

Integrate all your Processes
Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central,
offers fully integrated farm to general ledger functionality
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Pallet Tracking

Powerful pallet file processing and pallet tracking from packhouse to receiver, with complete revenue and cost tracking throughout the supply chain.

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Consignment Trading

Rich consignment trading and accounting functionality, including detailed producer payment calculations, account sales, approvals and reporting.

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Logistics Management

Import, export and local multi-modal transport logistics, scheduling and tracking, integrated to pallet tracking and supply chain costing, with the ability to invoice services.